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Customer Testimonials

Pete Spain

"In a grassroots campaign for City Council, we try to reach as many prospective voters as possible.

The URHere.us mobile billboard and the extraordinary service provided by Mark Lazarus and his team helped us do that.

URHere provided an effective, low-cost communications tool in a very tight local race. I have no doubt that URHere helped me reach more voters and win the primary."

Pete Spain, Candidate for City Council, Bridgeport, CT

Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce

The Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce is proud of our “Business of the Year” URHere.  Since its inception, URHere’s Be Your Own Billboard marketing has made a significant difference for our member businesses. They have seen an increase in whatever their needs were, which has been pretty remarkable with almost no time or effort from them.

When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of businesses that talk a good game, but Be Your Own Billboard has proven they really make it happen.  As a special bonus, if you are a member of the Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce you receive a discount, so check us out at scbcc.us


Diana Washington | Vice President of the Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce

David Laurent

"It works! I have gain customers using this service. It's a no-brainer for businesses that are trying to market themselves without breaking the bank."

— David Laurent from Laurent Agency Located at 1930 E Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06610

Gage Frank

"As someone heavily engaged in local and statewide organizing and campaigning, I understand the importance of always staying on message. URHere, whether you’re a campaign, non-profit, restaurant, or just trying to get people to listen to your latest SoundCloud track, I highly recommend this product. Its outreach is unmatched. You’re practically advertising in your sleep!"

— Gage Frank Campaign Manager

East End

The NRZ Pop Up1841 Stratford Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut. Is another success story for The Be Your Own Billboard Service from URHere. Deborah Sims of the Popup Market stated:

"The Be Your Own Billboard Service brought the market to life by getting our message to the masses."

Mayor of West Haven, CT

— Charles Scott

Elizabeth Torres